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Keep up with the lives of past students of Astute Training

At Astute Training, we see all students as our own family. We love to hear about how our student's lives are progressing and seeing them achieve the goals and aims! If you are a previous student with a story to tell, then get in touch with us here!


Francis Tuquib

“One of the best things about Penrith? It is to be at home with my Astute family. Very professional, but listens to you like how a parent does. Never did i regret picking up Astute as my education provider here in Australia. And so to my family at Astute (Di, Karen, Cindy, Kim, Debbie, Kris, Rachel, did I miss anyone? Oh, the gorgeous tandem of Brittney Gee and Lauren Smith),

Our students always make us smile but we smile even broader when they send beautiful emails like this. Thank you Francis Tuquib and we all wish you the very best life has to offer as you leave us for your new life. We will miss you!


Soraya Marie Lustre

“Dear Di,

I hope you are good today.

I am writing this e-mail to let you know that I got approved for my permanent residency visa. This is a great news for me and my family as I am now a permanent resident of Australia. In saying this, I was wondering if it would be possible to cancel my student visa at the moment.

With all these news, I would like to thank all the staff of Astute Training for helping me throughout these years. You all has helped me a lot and I did learned a lot of things not just from the books but most especially from the people around me. I created friends and family from this institution that I will forever cherish! I cannot ever be more grateful with all of you and with Astute Training for being a huge part of my journey here in Sydney.

Attached is a copy of my new visa.

I can now create a better future for myself and would hopefully eventually create a family of my own. :)

Thank you very much!

With Kind Regards,
Soraya Marie Lustre

We are all delighted to hear that Soraya Lustre – one of our long term students at Astute Training – has just been granted her permanent residency. We are all so happy for you Soraya and will miss your smiling face in the classroom, but we look forward to hearing from you with all good news in the future!


Tania Falcasantos

“Astute have helped me a lot in achieving my goals. Trainers were very knowledgeable about the course and they were very supportive of the students. I’m glad to have enrolled in Astute because the school has the best educators and a very good environment to learn new things about the course. They have the best study facilities for students to use for school requirements. I believe that enrolling in Astute have helped me fulfill my dreams.”

Tania Falcasantos – has recently been granted her Permanent Residency and is working as a Registered Nurse. We are so happy for you Tania and we all LOVED the cheesecake you gave us to share! Thank you and our best wishes to you and your family. Tania wrote a lovely letter to us that we would like to share with you all.


Regine Marie Polines

Subject: PR Visa Grant Notice of Regine Polines and Neil Rose Niere

Dear Di,

Hello, I hope you are doing well. I am sending you this email to let you know that our Permanent Residency has been granted. I am Regine Marie Polines and I am finishing Aged Care Certificate IV. My partner, Neil Rose Niere is currently taking up Disability IV. Attached herewith is our visa grant.  We would like to express our deepest gratitude for being our family in Astute. We will forever cherish the incomparable camaraderie of the students and the mentors. Rest assured that your kindness and all the lessons you have imparted will stay in our hearts. 

Thank you very much and more power!

Sincerely Yours,Regine Marie Polines


Lyann Layda

s a business student of Astute, I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot doing my activities and assessments. The learning environment is very interactive and the skills instilled are very essential in preparation for entering the corporate world. I’ll give my credits to the school especially to my mentor, counsellor, and also a “second mother” to me, Kim Aubrey, for boosting our confidence and inspiring us (her students) to be great individuals.”

Lyann studied Certificate III & IV in Business at Astute Training in 2015. Lyann has made a difficult personal decision to return to the Philippines to take up a position with previous employers but has this to say about her time at Astute Training.


Romeo Vasquez

Taking a course and coming to school in Astute was a great opportunity in improving my skills in what I had started as a part-time business administrator in my previous work. I’ve learned, improved my skills and discovered things that I’ve never experienced in my previous job. Aside from that, the environment in Astute is very welcoming and it feels we’re at home even if we came from different culture. The instructor, which is my only instructor in this school, is well-trained and knowledgeable of her field of work in the aspect of business course and training.

Astute has the reputation as a college that knows how to take care and value their students ,which are the most important part of the institution.

Romeo studied Certificate III & IV in Business at Astute Training in 2014/15. Romeo has had his previous engineering qualifications formally recognised and is continuing his career in Australia. He hopes to bring his family to live here full time very soon! We are so thankful for his kind words about his time at Astute Training.


Eric Salcedo

As an international student, studying at Astute Training I gained a lot of experience.Astute is one of a kind Registered Training Organization that provides a worthy training that made me equipped in the field of business studies and deliver supreme student support services. I felt comfortable every time I was in the campus.Situated in the heart of Penrith where everything in every students’ needs, I mean its accessibility and convenience whether by bus and train station, shopping centre etc, excites international students to enrol.

One quality that Astute has, is that the Business guys have a brilliant Assessor.
Yes, Kim Aubrey is one of the high powered arms in the armoury of Astute.

She has the expertise and experiences in various fields.
What made me comfortable is how she interacts to each and every learner she has, no matter what level of course.
Above all, she bears a good quality of a woman, a mother, and a friend. Her good sense of humour has made our study experience in Astute more at ease and comfortable.

Eric studied Certificate III & IV in Business at Astute Training in 2015. Eric has now taken up a position as an Agricultural worker on a dairy farm in Muswellbrook and is as happy as he could possibly be doing the things he loves. Eric is in the process of being sponsored by a large agricultural business and is excited to be on the pathway to citizenship. Thank you for the kinds words about your time at Astute Training. 

Jinpol Dumadag

Learning business in Astute has been very enriching and insightful. First of all, the course has been tailored to suit a more mature student base and it aims to develop necessary skills for business administration. I thought I knew all there was about using basic computer programs until I joined the class.I was shown how to maximise computing with available software to more efficiently handle and manage tasks. In regards to the class, I particularly liked the office simulation environment in which we were assigned roles to fill in am office setting. This was new to me and I really enjoyed the independent style of learning. The best part was it was never monotonous in class as there were all sorts of in-class and college -organised activities that made my stay exciting and memorable. My student life in the course was a memorable one- one of the best choices I made.

Jinpol is a long term student of Astute Training, studying Aged Care, Business and Community Services. Jinpol is currently working as a Registered Nurse in a busy emergency department of a large hospital and also teaching English to international students. Thank you for your kind words about your time at Astute Training during your business studies course.

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