International Students Fees

Student Fees at Astute Training

At Astute Training Pty Ltd we understand that payment of fees can sometimes be difficult and so we have organised various payment plan options for our students.

Choose from the tabs below to get a better understanding of your options.

Initial Costs

All students are required to pay initial costs before commencing tuition.

These include:

Enrolment Fee – Non-refundable AUD $250.00
Overseas Student Health Cover (Non-tuition fee payment) Varies depending on circumstance
Tuition Deposit Varies depending on course
Resources Fee ( International Students) $250

Additional Costs

Some students may require additional services such as:

New assessment (re-sit) AUD $100.00 (each)
Repeating individual unit AUD $100.00 (per week)
Processing fee for transfer to a different course Free of charge
Re issue of Student ID card AUD $20.00
Administration fee for refunds AUD $250.00
National Criminal Check (Applicable Courses) AUD $35.00
Application fee for Recognition of Prior Learning AUD $200 per unit

Payment Difficulities

If a student is having difficulties in making the required payments an appointment will be set to discuss a payment plan. Students should be advised that late payments (one week past due date) will require an appointment with the CEO or Training Director to determine a payment plan.

How To Pay

Payment Details

Payment Options

A payment plan will be created with the student at induction.

Payment Methods

Fees can be made by the following payment methods:

  • CashFees can be made by the following payment methods:
    • Cash
    • Direct deposit or EFT
    • Bank cheque or postal order
    • EFTPOS
    BANK: Commonwealth
    BSB: 062 589
    Account No: 1061 2848
    Account Name: Astute Training Pty Ltd

    Please check with your bank to ensure you do not need to add “0” as a prefix (some banks require this).

    You MUST include your NAME and STUDENT ID NUMBER on all bank transfers.


Requests for refunds should be made in writing to the CEO with documented evidence of the reason for withdrawal. Eligible refunds will be refunded within 28 days of receipt of the claim.  A documented administrative fee of $250 will be charged for processing refunds. The $250 enrolment fee is not refundable.

All refunds will include a statement explaining how the refund amount was calculated.

Refund will only be given to the person who paid the tuition fees unless the student requests in writing that the fees be refunded to another party.

This refund policy does not remove students’ rights to take further action under the Australian Consumer Protection Laws.

Refer to the Student Handbook for more information.

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